Tayo Oviosu

ALF Director; Founder & Group CEO, Paga




Tayo is the founder & Group CEO of Paga (www.paga.com). Paga is building an ecosystem that enables Africans to send, pay, and bank digitally. Paga is the leading mobile money service in Nigeria, its first market. Paga has been selected to the prestigious Fintech 250 list of most promising Fintech companies globally three times, most recently in 2022. Tayo’s work at Paga has been recognized globally – in 2014, CNBC selected Tayo as the Entrepreneur of the Year in West Africa, and in 2015 the African Leadership Network selected Paga as the outstanding growing company of the year in Africa.

Before Paga, Tayo was Vice-President at Travant Capital Partners, a private equity fund in West Africa. Before joining Travant, Tayo was a Manager, Corporate Development at Cisco Systems in San Jose, California. Tayo is also the co-founder of Kairos Angels, an angel investment club, and an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Tayo earned his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, cum laude, from the University of Southern California and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.