Andrew Sweet

ALF Director; Vice President of Innovation, The Rockefeller Foundation



United States

Andrew Sweet is the Vice President of Innovation at The Rockefeller Foundation where he directs the AI partnerships and strategy portfolio. Andrew joined The Rockefeller Foundation in March 2020 to oversee the foundation’s Covid-19 Response. In that capacity, he led the foundation’s historic effort to increase Covid-19 testing capacity and provide an actionable blueprint to safely reopen K-12 schools. He then directed the Foundation’s Global Vaccination Initiative, a $55 million two-year effort to increase vaccination rates in low and middle-income countries.

Previously, Andrew was an Associate Partner with Dalberg Advisors, a strategy and policy advisory firm. Andrew directed Dalberg’s Johannesburg office for nearly four years before transitioning to the same role in San Francisco where he focused on strategy, health, and energy. Prior to Dalberg, Andrew was a presidential appointee at the United States Agency for International Development, serving as the Senior Advisor to the Administrator, helping to establish, manage, and implement presidential initiatives in food security and energy. Andrew has also previous held roles at the Center for American Progress and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa.

Andrew holds an MA in International Relations from Syracuse University and a BA in International Relations from Michigan State University. He is a David Rockefeller Fellow on the Trilateral Commission.